D.E.T. Publishing, CEO

Detroit Entertainment & Talent

DET Talent Publishing Company aims to help organize and manage campaigns around community driven artist with socially conscious creative material such as music, art and poetry to elevate their work and make a global impact environmentally, socially and politically.

Actors, musicians and athletes depend on our management to cultivate their image and find appropriate work. Managers depend on their contacts within the industry to serve their clients. Because networking is important in this career, you can benefit from having experience in the industry. Taking a serious approach to securing a reliable manager allows you to meet others in your field and up-and-coming stars that could serve as future clients. Attending film screenings and industry events can serve the same purpose. As a former plus size model and a current young politico, Miss Dorthea E. Thomas has experience in both the entertainment industry and the political scene.

Talent Management is about consistently developing people to build on the skills that they have while gaining alignment with the overall strategy in the organization where they work. If you are serious about taking your career to the next level, feel free to contact us.